Flexible Scheduling
We offer day, evening, and weekend appointments so that we can work around your operating schedule to maintain your flooring.
Save Money
Our flooring maintenance plans extend the life of your flooring which saves you money long-term and the downtime that replacing brings.
Safe Cleaning
Our cleaning solutions are safe and environmentally friendly that do not leave sticky soil attracting residues behind.
Multi-Method Cleaning
We are experienced in all methods of cleaning including hot water extraction(steam cleaning) and low moisture cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to your business, you only get one chance at a first impression. And while most businesses take that to heart when it comes to introductions, many forget that presentation and aesthetics of the workplace itself plays a large role as well.

One often overlooked aspect of maintenance is commercial carpet cleaning. A clean carpet tells customers and employees alike that your business is well maintained, cares about the details, and is serious about quality.

We have been helping local businesses just like yours keep their carpets in pristine shape and appearance for years.

But it’s not just about appearances, there are many benefits to utilizing a commercial carpet cleaning service for your ranging from health to safety (reduction of slips/falls) and cost saving benefits of maintaining your carpet and rugs in new condition for years.

Benefits Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  1. Reduce employee sick days - your carpet is a giant filter and needs to be cleaned regularly. Dust, dirt, and germs settle within the carpet and vacuuming only removes some of these. Our commercial carpet cleaning service dramatically lessens the soil load and improves your indoor air quality as well.
  2. Your company image - We cannot stress enough how important maintaining your flooring can reflect on what prospects, current clients, and how your staff view your office. Well maintained floors make a lasting impression that will be remembered.
  3. Our low moisture carpet cleaning is perfect for offices and properties that need to be secure at all times. This cleaning method allows us to bring our cleaning equipment inside without needing to keep any doors propped open. We also offer portable hot water extraction or steam cleaning and those same security principles apply as well
  4. Save money long term - Maintaining your flooring regularly can extend the life of the flooring well past the average replacement time. In fact - in many cases, we can extend the life of the flooring more than double the average with regular maintenance. We offer discounts for clients that want or need more frequent cleanings.
  5. We not only clean carpet but we can clean your office chairs and partition fabric as well.

VCT Maintenance - Stripping & Waxing

VCT is a great commercial flooring option as there are many colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. However, in its natural state VCT can be easily damaged without proper protection. During the manufacturing process and very thin layer of protection is added to limit damage during the shipping and installation process. After it is installed that factory protection should be removed and multiple layers of protection should be added.

Picking The VCT Maintenance Plan That Is Right For You

We can put together the best VCT maintenance plan that meets the needs of your budget as well as the needs the floor has to stay in great shape. We offer the follow VCT maintenance services.

VCT Stripping and Waxing - During this process we remove any worn wax coatings or layers of protections along with dirt and debris that has found its way into the layers of wax. We completely strip the floor and clean it so that we have a perfect base to protection and shine. We can apply 2-4 coats of wax depending on the amount of traffic and desired level of shine you want to achieve. At times, we buff in between coats to really make the floor pop.

VCT Scrub and Recoat - During this process we only remove a small layer and completely rinse the floor removing some of the worn protection along with the dirt. We reapply the wax protection to the floor. This can be done on a month basis, every other month, or quarterly basis depending on your needs.

VCT Spray Buff - This process is where we clean the floor and buff it to make the floor shine if it has become dull. This process is done a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on amount of traffic and need.

Between these three VCT maintenance services, we can put together a plan to keep your flooring looking great all of the time. Regularly maintaining your VCT floor will limit permanent staining in the tile itself as well as protect the integrity of the floor too. Our maintenance plans save you money in costs of early replacement by making the VCT last long.

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